Rheem Storage Heater 30L EHG Series

  • Model:EHG 30
  • Rheem Storage Heater 30L EHG Series
  • Horizontal installation
  • Dimension (mm) : L540 x W380 x H400
  • Heating Time 24 mins
  • Preset temp at 60 Degree Celcius
  • Empty Tank weight 23KG
  • Water inlet and Outlet 270MM
  • Anode rood protects the inner tank frorn corrosion by equalizing aggressive waler reaction and thus extending the lifespan.
  • CFC free polyurethane insulation between inner tank and epoxy coated steel jacket provides maximum heat retention and minimize operating after year of service.
  • Installation space saving horizontal layout using universal bracket for both wall or ceiling mounting.
  • All brackets and mounting accessories are included.
  • 5 years warranty by Rheem
  • Picture Shown is for illustration purpose only